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Do you support our law enforcement’s efforts to make Fayetteville safer?
So do we!!

The Fayetteville Police Foundation supports the Fayetteville Police Department by raising funds for needed equipment and programs.  For example, we are currently raising funds to upgrade the important Crime Information Center and to purchase needed firearms examination equipment! 

The Police Foundation Needs YOU!
We are inviting you to join us by becoming a Foundation member today!  Dues are just $25.00/year - a small price to pay for individuals and businesses who want to play a vital role in making Fayetteville a safer city!

Make a difference . . .
As a Foundation member, you will make a difference by providing crucial resources that enhance the Fayetteville Police Department’s ability to fight and prevent crime.  By joining the Police Foundation, you will become part of a growing group of citizens making a powerful impact in our community - AND you will

Enjoy Valuable Foundation Benefits

  • Enrollment in the Foundation’s “Emergency Notification System” – the ENS is a Foundation database containing emergency information of our members.  In the event of an emergency, the Foundation will share this information with the Fayetteville Police Department.  For example, if 911 is called about your vehicle, residence or business, law enforcement will be provided your up-to-date family, pet, medical and emergency contact information so that there is no googling who owns the property or who to call. 
  • Foundation members will receive three decals for their car, residence and business that identify them as members of the Police Foundation.  Emergency responders will be able to immediately access your emergency information from our secure servers through your unique decal identifier – talk about peace of mind!
  • Membership card
  • Subscription to the Foundation’s quarterly newsletter
  • Recognition in the Police Foundation’s publications and website
  • Invitation to yearly FPD Events
  • Invitations to periodic educational programs and FPD tours
  • The knowledge that YOU are helping make Fayetteville Safer – PRICELESS!

Board of Directors:

  • Trina Riddle

    Trina Riddle

  • Cam Stout

    Cam Stout 3 year term

  • Capt.. Todd Joyce

    Capt. Todd Joyce

  • Capt. Rob Spatorico

    Capt. Rob Spatorico

  • Kim Thomas

    Kim Thomas

  • Billy West Jr.

    Billy West Jr.

    District Atorney's Office
  • Stephen Wheeler

    Stephen Wheeler 3 year term

    Holmes Security Systems
  • Jeffrey Womble

    Jeffrey Womble 3 year term

    Fayetteville State University
  • Yvette Stokes

    Yvette Stokes 3 year term

    Highland Pediatric Dental
  • Jay Wyatt

    Jay Wyatt

    Valley Auto World
  • Wells Alderman

    Wells Alderman 3 year term

    H & H Homes
  • Murray Duggins

    Murray Duggins 4 year term

    United Developers - Duggins/Smith
  • Ernie Johnson

    Ernie Johnson 3 year term

  • Keith Allison

    Keith Allison

    Systel Business Equipment
  • Ann Marie Locklear

    Ann Marie Locklear

    The Plantation House

  • Jason Brady

    Jason Brady 3 year term

    Tactical Support Equipment Inc.
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